Prices are based on one accommodation unit and two people. Kids 12 and under are free

Price for extra person: $5.00 per night 

Price for extra vehicles $5.00 per site

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Cancellation policy is 48 hours. 

Cancellation or change to the reservation with less than 48 hours is subject to a one-night charge per each reserved site.


to complete a reservation Today please call us directly at, 




Or Email us at,


we are looking forward to serving you!


Prices High Season 01 May – Sept 30

Pull Through Sites: $39.00

Full Hook ups: $35.00

Power & Water: $33.00

Tent, Dry site & Overflow: $28.00


Monthly & Weekly rates: Excluding July and August

Full hook ups: excluding pull through $220.00

Power and water only: $210.00

Tent, Dry site & Overflow: $180.00

30 Night Monthly rates (01 May-Sept 30) $750.00 +Hydro

GST is included in the above prices