•  This park has 100 pounds of water pressure. We recommend the use of a pressure-reducing valve. 

•  Quiet hours – 11pm – 7am - please keep voice, radios, stereos etc. low enough so as not to disturb others

•  No visitor vehicles beyond the office

•  Help keep our facilities and park clean by using garbage bins at each end of the park. Put soiled diapers in the outside garbage bins.

•  No generators are to used in the park

•  Children under the age of 10 years shall not operate the showers unless accompanied by an adult.

•  Speed limit is 8km/h in the park. Please drive with caution especially with children around and please stay on the roads in the                  directions indicated.

•  DO NOT wash dishes in the washroom hand basins.

•  Washrooms will be closed for cleaning between 11am to noon and 10pm to 10:30pm

•  There is a LEASH LAW in effect in the park for ALL dogs.

•  Pets are not to be left outside the RV while the owner is away.

•  All dog stools are to be picked up by the owner, wrapped in paper and deposited in the outside garbage bins.

•  Do not park on the grass.

•  Do not lay mats or carpets on the grass areas.

•  Check out time is 11 am . Please report to the office to re-register before this time, if you plan to stay.

•  We assume no responsibility for accident, injury or loss from any cause.

•  City of Merritt Bylaw No. 1697 states in part ‘No open burning of any kind will be permitted during any period with the exception of the    following: small confined fires used for cooking food on grills and bbq's using charcoal briquettes and pressurized gas for fuel'.

   These rules and regulations are designed so that everyone who visits our park will be able to enjoy their stay. PLEASE respect your          neighbours' privacy and enjoy your stay in Merritt.

•  DISCOUNT: There is a 10% Multi-Site discount offered to group bookings of 10 or more serviced sites during the months of April, May,      June, September, and October.

•  We sincerely hope that you have an enjoyable visit with us and if we can be of any help, please ask.


If you like our park please tell others!